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 December 15, 2016
 Eduardo Carbonell Gonz├ílez, better known as EvilSound, is a young producer, 23 years old, that has been defending electronic music since 1996 with se  More »
 November 17, 2016
 Russian Federation
 Kirill Rem aka Electrodynamique was born August 17th 1983. He falls in love with music since early childhood. He founded Kraftwerk records in the age   More »
 September 10, 2016
 Entertainment for the braindead is a berlin based one woman lofi orchestra. since 2007 she has been writing and publishing songs, gathering guitars a  More »
 January 12, 2013
 Puerto Rico
 EDm Producer from Puerto Rico.  More »
 December 15, 2012
 United Kingdom
 I am in no way composer, musician, artist and whatever you may call it. I am a doctor by profession who just loves music of different genres like epic  More »
 December 14, 2012
 United States
 Lives in Anacortes, WA 28yrs old Male  More »
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