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 December 17, 2016
 United States
 Revy was born in 1982 and grew up in rural Idaho, USA. At an early age he experimented with recording, sound synthesis, and eventually MIDI composing   More »
 December 11, 2016
 Retroflexus is born in Hungary in 1982 and has been creating music since 2004. In this way he can express the love about the electronic sound. He has   More »
 December 9, 2016
 Andrey Kornev vocal, lyrics, sampling, keyboards, arrangement Alexander Chaliy guitar, lyrics Aleksey Golovatiy keyboards •Sep  More »
 October 9, 2016
 "Great ambitions always go beyond your means". Add an acquired taste for unattainable perfection, and you got Radius System's daily motto. Born from g  More »
 February 9, 2016
 United States
 Revolt at the Robot Factory est le projet solo Joshua D. Taylor. Entre la puissance des grosses guitares, le cĂ´tĂ© indus des petits effets Ă©lectro e  More »
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