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Escape / Restart (Radius system) Details   Tune(s)  

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Track list :

1_Release Chemicals
4_Mental Guides
5_Impulsion Pt.1
6_Into Orbit
7_Impulsion Pt.2
8_Not Coming back

We've been working on this record for almost 3 years. We recorded & mixed it ourselves, in our Feels Like Home Studio ( For us, this record is a way to start over as a band, and set new standards to our name. We chose to release it for free as digital release, because we want the whole world to be able to listen & see it. So yeah, share it with your friends, through the download link in every place you can, put it on P2P programs etc... This is an adventure for us, and we'd like everyone to be a part of it!

Each track of the album is associated with an artwork, pointing to a specific moment of the song. We wanted to give something more than just sounds, and create a whole universe around the album. This is step 1. Step 2 will come in the more distant future (say 2009 ?), as we plan to release a DVD presenting an animated video clip for each track : 46 minutes of film buit around the music, plus a few other things probably...

One final thing : because we are very, very happy with this album, we'd like to see it live outside internet & hard drives. If you're like us, and you still like holding a REAL record in your hands, taste the REAL uncompressed sound of it in your headphones, feel the printed paper on your fingers...


Genre:  Progressive , Rock

Country: France

Artists:  Radius System

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