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An Introspective To FarCry (The FarCry) Details   Tune(s)  

Price:  $12.99 Tune(s): 4

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First few tracks are based around a more chilled out side to FarCry's music, further you will hear more uplifting material ranging from the deep sounds of trance to the heart thumping beats of hard house.

Comment from FarCry : I hope you enjoy this first Volume of an "Introspective to FarCry" as there is a lot more material to come in the future.

Track list :

1.Castaway (3:27)
2.Baby Funk (3:13)
3.Feel Me feat. Compass and Guns (3:52)
4.Love In Shandong (5:00)
5.Only You (4:47)
6.Elysium (Live Edit) (5:02)


Genre:  Ambient , Electronica , Funk , Pop , Progressive

Country: United Kingdom

Artists:  The FarCry

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