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Graft EP (Retroflexus) Details   Tune(s)  

Price:  $12.99 Tune(s): 4

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Here comes fresh minimal techno from Hungary, Retroflexus's debut EP.

Track list :

1.Thief In My Bed (5:38)
2.Spotted Umbrella (5:44)
3.Fungicid (6:04)
4.Association (5:46)

The music is interesting and will slide down well with all minimal fans. The music tends to be a little quirky at stages but it's still funky throughout all 4 tracks. I found the third track had the most appeal to me, steady solid beat and some nice techno elements just made it worth the download. Give it a download if you are into techno, tech house, minimal...

Genre:  Electronica , Techno

Country: Hungary

Artists:  Retroflexus

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